‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Guide: Pelagornis Taming And Use (2024)

ARK: Survival Evolved players have long been bugged by being thrown off birds when touching water. The 245.0 PC update and upcoming 739 Xbox One adds the Pelagornis to the aerial mix, which can also swim safely in the water.

Where to Find the Pelagornis

As expected of a water-based bird, the Pelagornis can be found in the surrounding ocean of The Island map. It’s most common in the southern portions of the water around the Western Coast, plus the north eastern shore areas and down the east coast.

On the Center, the Pelagornis can commonly be found in the water between Jungle South and Redwood Island. The northeast portion of the map around Half-Burnt Island and Tropical North Island along with the smaller islands near it.

The Pelagornis is not aggressive in the wild. In fact, it will fly away when attacked, so it’s behavior is much like the Pteranodon.


A Pelagornis is not an easy tame since it spends most of its time flying over water. ARK: Survival Evolved players will want to avoid knocking one out over water because it will sink and drown immediately. There are a couple of solutions to this, however.

Players can wait for a Pelagornis to fly over land to stun it with a Bola and then knock it out. This isn’t all that common so one thing Survivors can do is shoot the bird with a Tranq Dart or Tranq Arrow while being carried or standing on the back of a Quetz. Shoot the bird while facing land and it will take off in that direction.

Another option is to drive a raft out to the Pelagornis spawn and wait for one to fly over in range of a Bola. With luck and skill, the stunned bird will fall onto the raft where it can be knocked out safely. Just make sure to have all Narcotics and required taming food on hand already as the raft will not be able to move during taming.

Grappling hooks work as well. ARK: Survival Evolved players just need to be sure the Pelagornis is over land or over a raft. Just note that either a Bow with a Tranq Arrow should be used or a Longneck Rifle with a Tranq Dart. The high damage of a Crossbow could kill it.

Compy Kibble is the preferred food for the Pelagornis followed by Raw Prime Fish Meat and Raw Fish Meat. Making Compy Kibble requires the egg, one Citronal, one Cooked Fish Meat, two Mejoberries, three Fiber, and one Waterskin.

The Pelagornis has a relatively slow torpor drain, so don’t expect to have to use much Narcotics for taming compared to other animals.

Refer to the taming calculators at DodoDex, Survive Ark, or Crumplecorn for the exact amount of food and narcotics needed for the level of Pelagornis you are attempting to tame.


The hook with the Pelagornis is the ability to fly and swim on top of water. The bird can attack fish and other sea creatures to harvest fish meat. In fact, it does 10 times normal damage to Coel, Piranha, and Sabertooth Salmon. This makes it an excellent fish harvester.

A Pelagornis can also be used to harvest Organic Polymer from Penguins. A Wooden Club is sadly still a more efficient method, though it will have to be repaired often.

Note that the Pelagornis is slower than a Pteranodon and does not have a secondary attack. Still, it can serve as a decent ferrier of goods when ARK: Survival Evolved players unlock its saddle at level 40. A nice touch is the bird only eats Fish Meat so any Raw Prime Meat is safe when being carried by it.


The Pelagornis is all about moving and carrying its owner. Focus on movement speed and weight along with damage.


  • Wild: The much larger ancestor of water birds like the stork or pelican, Pelagornis miocaenus shares many traits with its modern-day brethren. However, it seems to spend much more time hunting for fish over the open deep-sea.
  • Domesticated: Because of its ability to fly, walk, and surface-swim, a tamed Pelagornis is one of the island’s most versatile mounts, but this comes at a cost. The same webbed feet that allow Pelagornis to serenely maneuver along the ocean’s surface prevent it from snatching prey from the ground, which may limit its appeal to some survivors.
  • Known Information: In fact, I have rarely spotted a wild Pelagornis anywhere near the coasts of the main Island, as it prefers to rest its wings by paddling along on the ocean’s surface rather than waddling along the Island’s beaches. Perhaps this behavior is a result of its survival instincts. The early Miocene was a post-dinosaur epoch, after all, and Pelagornis would not be accustomed to such predators. Considering how quickly it flees from humans, one can hardly blame its caution.

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‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Guide: Pelagornis Taming And Use (2024)


‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Guide: Pelagornis Taming And Use? ›

Pelagornis Taming - Video Guide

This creature eats Regular Kibble , Raw Mutton, Cooked Lamb Chop, Raw Prime Fish Meat, Cooked Prime Fish Meat, Raw Fish Meat and Cooked Fish Meat.

What to use to tame Pelagornis in Ark? ›

Pelagornis Taming - Video Guide

This creature eats Regular Kibble , Raw Mutton, Cooked Lamb Chop, Raw Prime Fish Meat, Cooked Prime Fish Meat, Raw Fish Meat and Cooked Fish Meat.

Is the Pelagornis worth taming in Ark? ›

Because of its ability to fly, walk and surface-swim, a tamed Pelagornis is one of the Island's most versatile mounts, but this comes at a cost.

Can you bola a Pelagornis? ›

These dinos are probably the starter flying Dino. If your a starter, just bola, shoot tranq arrows (6-10) and then feed raw fish! It's really good at flying too!

Do you need a saddle to ride a Pelagornis? ›

The Pelagornis Saddle is used to ride a Pelagornis after you have tamed it.

What are Pelagornis useful for? ›

It's handy that it can fly, walk on land and swim. It recovers stamina even while moving in the water so it's nice to constantly be moving whereas you have to find a safe spot to land and rest with other bird mounts. Insta-kills fish like piranhas which is helpful!

What to feed pteranodon to tame? ›

Final Thoughts. Pteranodons are carnivorous creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved that need flesh to thrive. Taming food options include Normal Kibble, Raw Mutton, Cooked Lamb Chop, Raw Prime Meat, Cooked Prime Meat, Raw Prime Fish Meat, Cooked Meat, Raw Fish Meat, and Cooked Fish Meat.

What is the most powerful tame in Ark survival evolved? ›

Rex is, unsurprisingly, one of the strongest dinosaurs in the game. Since it has a high melee attack, it is useful in PvP and PvE fights. Also, this dinosaur doesn't disappoint when taking over bases during raids, especially if equipped with the Tek Rex Saddle. Their roar threatens enemies whenever they attack as well.

What is the best flying pet in Ark? ›

1 Quetzal (Quetzalcoatlus Conchapicem)

Though taming one is much harder than other flying mounts due to its immense size, large health pool, and the fact it never lands, once tamed, the Quetzal will likely be one of the most useful tames in Ark: Survival Ascended for most.

Can Pelagornis drown ark? ›

Pelagornis. Tips & Strategies

You can't knock it out over water, it will drown.

Could the Pelagornis fly? ›

With its enormous wingspan, this specimen exceeds the previous maximum wingspan for active “flapping flight.” Although there are some extinct animals larger than Pelagornis, like pterosaurs, they would have relied almost entirely on gliding.

What is the closest relative to Pelagornis? ›

Pelagornis is a widespread genus of prehistoric pseudotooth birds. These were probably rather close relatives of either pelicans and storks, or waterfowl, and are placed here in the order Odontopterygiformes to account for this uncertainty.

Is Pelagornis better than Pteranodon? ›

1. Early game travel mount: Pelagornis is slightly slower than pteranodon and has equally bad weight and stamina, but since it can swim you won't immediately get dismounted if it force lands you into the water. 2.

Can you fish on a Pelagornis? ›

Tips & Strategies. We can fish off it with a fishing pole.

Do Pelagornis lay eggs? ›

The Pelagornis Egg takes 1h 39m 59.521s to hatch. It must be in the temperature range of 29 to 32 °C / 84 to 90 °F to successfully hatch, otherwise it will start to lose Health. The female Pelagornis needs between 18h and 2d before having the capacity to lay eggs again.

What is the best tame command in Ark? ›

With your crosshair aimed at the creature open the command console and enter the command “forcetame”. This will forcefully tame the creature and any creatures tamed with this command can also be ridden without a saddle.

What is the best way to tame birds in Ark? ›

Argentavis Tips & Strategies
  1. use a fast mount,raptor,terror bird,etc will work.
  2. shoot it as many times as possible into knocked.
  3. check the area, a lot of things will attack it, (scorpion, sabertooth,etc.)
  4. feed it food of choice (raw prime meat works best)
  5. if needed use mount to protect while it's taming.
Feb 12, 2022

What is the easiest flying animal to tame in Ark? ›

Now it's time to add an air force. Dimorphodon is one of the easiest flying creatures to tame. Use a bola, and/or tranq arrows to knock them out of the sky, then feed them meat.

What do you use to tame Ichthyornis in Ark? ›

They aren't hard to tame once you get a bow and arrow, and try to bolas it if you can. Make sure to bring some narco berries and stuff some fish in him. He's really good to have in not only the early game but throughout the game.

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