Atoto A6 vs F7 - Best Double-Din Car Stereo... (2024)

    Atoto A6 vs F7 - Best Double-Din Car Stereo... (1)

    [New] ATOTO A6 PF Android Double-DIN Car Stereo, Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto


    Atoto A6 vs F7 - Best Double-Din Car Stereo... (2)

    ATOTO F7 XE Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto Double-DIN Car Stereo

    Atoto A6 vs F7 - Best Double-Din Car Stereo... (3)

    Atoto A6 vs F7: The Atoto A6 and Atoto F7 are both fantastic choices for Wireless Android Auto Double-DIN Car Stereo, but which is the best? Learn more from our comparison. In this comparative research, we’ll compare and contrast the Atoto A6 and Atoto F7 to see which product is the best.

    Atoto A6 vs F7– Quick Comparison Summary

    • The Atoto F7 has SXM Ready and Fast Phone Charge in CP/AA mode, whereas the Atoto A6 does not.
    • The Atoto A6 Network Connection includes WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth, and USB Network Tethering, but the Atoto F7 does not.

    • Live Rearview (LRV) (AC-HD02LR is required), HD 720P Rearview and Front-View Camera Input, Support up to 512GB SD and 2TB SDD for External Memory Device Storage, Built-in Max 4*45W Amplifier with RMS 4*24W, and more are all features shared by the Atoto A6 and Atoto F7.

    • When compared to the Atoto A6, the Atoto F7 Wireless Android Auto Double-DIN Car Stereo is hugely popular on the market.

    • The Atoto A6 and Atoto F7 both have dual Bluetooth, but the Atoto A6 also has Bluetooth with the SBC codec.

    • While the Atoto F7 weighs 2.94 pounds, the Atoto A6 weighs 3.16 pounds.

    • In comparison to the Atoto A6, the F7 is less expensive.

    • The dimensions of the Atoto A6 are 7.09 x 2.01 x 4.09 inches, whereas the dimensions of the Atoto F7 are 9.13 x 5.75 x 5.63 inches.

    Atoto A6 vs F7 - Best Double-Din Car Stereo... (4)

    [New] ATOTO A6 PF Android Double-DIN Car Stereo, Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto

    Atoto A6 vs F7 - Best Double-Din Car Stereo... (5)

    ATOTO F7 XE Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto Double-DIN Car Stereo

    Atoto A6

    Atoto F7





    Operation System



    Install 3rd-party Apps

    Not supported, Depends on the phone

    Network Connection

    WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth & USB Network Tethering

    Bluetooth, USB

    SXM Ready


    Dual Bluetooth

    Bluetooth with SBC codec

    Phone Charge

    Fast Phone Charge while in CP/AA connection

    Storage capacity of external memory device

    Support up to 512GB SD & 2TB SDD

    Support up to 512GB SD & 2TB SDD

    Phone Link

    Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto; Wired CarPlay and Android Auto; Wired & Wireless phone link

    Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto; Wired CarPlay and Android Auto; Wired Phone Mirroring

    Video Input

    HD 720P Rearview & Front-view Camera Input

    HD 720P Rearview & Front-view Camera Input

    Live Rearview (LRV)

    YES (AC-HD02LR is required)

    YES (AC-HD02LR is required)

    Video Out

    Extra USB-to-RCA or USB-to-HDMI adapter required for Video Output

    YES (Dual-Zone display), only USB Video playback can be output)

    Built-in Preamplifier

    Built-in Max 4*45W Amplifier with RMS 4*24W

    Built-in Max 4*45W Amplifier with RMS 4*24W

    Display Screen

    7-inch: 1024*600 IPS (600cd/m2) , button

    7-inch: 1024*600 IPS (600cd/m2) , button

    Item Weight

    3.16 Pounds

    2.94 Pounds

    Product Dimensions

    7.09 x 2.01 x 4.09 inches

    9.13 x 5.75 x 5.63 inches

    FAQS :

    Is this radio compatible with tpms over USB?

    Answer: For one thing, the ATOTO AC-UTP1 TPMS kit is offered separately; for another, the ATOTO AC-UTP1 TPMS kit can be connected to the USB cable labeled "external storage" from the back of the A6 PF model.

    Is a harness adapter required for a 2006 Ford F-150?

    Answer: You don't want to cut the vehicle cabling in order to install a different headset.YES, obtain the correct harness that connects to the OEM wiring.Connect the adaptor to the new headset using proper soldering procedures.It will save a lot of hair tugging and keep the language and thinking cleaner.

    Which atoto harness wire should I connect the backup camera to?

    Answer: On the ATOTO wiring harness, there is a wire called "Rear Camera (+)" to which the backup camera can be connected.We recommend the ATOTO AC-HD02LR backup camera since it has Live Rear View (being able to view the situation in the back at all times).The head unit and camera are available together as a package: B09PDL2JM2.

    The subwoofer isn't working. Amplifier turns on, rca cables are attached, frequency changed. Is there anything extra I should do for subs?

    Answer: If you have the model with only one RCA out for subwoofers, I believe it will only be the left channel.You shouldn't link it that way.They use line level converters to tap into the rear left and right speakers (located up front by the head unit) and then plug the RCAs into them.Following that, any other problems should not be attributed to the head unit.

    Is it compatible with the Mercedes E350 2006?

    Yes, my son and I installed an A6 PF 7inch in his 2004 E320.If you have a MOST fiber network (amp in trunk), you will need a fascia adapter, a canbus adapter box, a fiber optic decoder box, and a fiber loop to bypass the CD changer if it was initially equipped.

    Is this compatible with a 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser?

    The A7 is an almost ideal Double Din size with a very shallow mounting depth.Is it possible to install a double din head in your Land Cruiser?It appears to be so, but a quick Google check would confirm it.

    Will this work with my 2017 Toyota Camry SE and its built-in backup camera? If so, what extra components are required?

    Answer: F7G2A7SE is our universal radio; for our universal double/single din radio, if your car supports a double/single din, or if an appropriate double/single din dash kit and wiring harness (or CANBUS data interface) are available to finish the installation, they can fit any automobile, including yours.To install the radio, you may need to purchase additional mounting hardware.The F7G2A7SE radio appears to be compatible with your vehicle.However, you will still need to acquire the installation kits that are appropriate for your vehicle in order to complete the installation.

    Will it work on a 2010 Mazda 3?

    Answer: If your car has a double DIN aperture, then this universal double DIN Android car audio will fit.To finish the installation, you may need a proper dash kit and wiring harness (or, in certain situations, a CANBUS data interface to preserve factory steering wheel controls, amps, and so on).First, verify with online or local providers to see if the installation kit for your car is available.

    Why is there only one sub-output port? My sub has an amp built in, and I use two RCA plugs; how can I make this work with my amp?

    If you wish to connect two woofers, you must purchase the Stereo Audio Y Adapter Subwoofer Cable, which has a male connector that connects to the car radio's SUB interface and two female plugs that link your two woofers.

    Does it include RCA cables?

    No, it does not.It has front/rear/sub preouts for plugging in RCA cables for amps.However, do not purchase this radio.It's low-cost rubbish.In less than a year, more than half of the features are broken. Description: Atoto A6 vs F7

    About this item – [New] ATOTO A6 PF Android Double-DIN Car Stereo, Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, Mirrorlink, 7 in Touch Screen in-Dash GPS Navigation, Dual Bluetooth, WiFi/BT/USB Tethering, HD LRV, 2G+32G, A6G2A7PF

    • Android Auto, CarPlay, and Wireless MirrorLink
      Superior performance The popular A6 Y and A6 Karlink’s upgraded and improved successor, the A6 PF, contains Android 10.0, an ARM Cortex-A55 8-Core processor, and 2GB+32GB of memory.
    • Even in direct sunlight, a 7-inch 1024*600 IPS screen with a 178° viewing angle enables clear viewing.
    • Preamp with maximum 4*45 RMS, 4*24 sounds nice.
    • It enables key mapping to SWC, dual-zone video output, FM/AM radio, Bluetooth handsfree and music, backup camera input, and USB playback before you explore its other outstanding features.
    • (reads max. 512 GB USB or 2TB SSD)
      Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi (typically, Android car stereos only offer Wi-Fi).
    • You won’t be forced to use the crowded 2.4 GHz band thanks to 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi.
    • Less power is used for Bluetooth tethering, which uses Bluetooth 2 of the dual Bluetooth (BT1 is for hands-free and music), and USB tethering, which is special to AT&T, which even marginally charges your phone.
    • More than a thousand Google Play Store applications have been evaluated as installable on the A6 PF.
    • Give it the appearance and features you want.
    • Wireless and wired Android Auto and CarPlay Run internet navigation directly on the A6 PF, using CarPlay or Android Auto, or download maps to the vehicle and use them offline (built-in GPS).
    • While concentrating on driving, use CarPlay or Android Auto to make calls, send and receive SMS, and listen to music and podcasts.
    • MirrorLink enables the display of apps and content on the A6 PF that are not compatible with CarPlay or Android Auto.
    • DSP with Time Correction, SCV & 36-band EQ, Preamp The digital signal processor allows the A6 PF to be equipped with: (1) time correction, which equalizes the time it takes for audio signals from each speaker to reach your ears; (2) speed compensated volume, which adjusts volume as the vehicle’s speed changes to account for wind and road noise; and (3) a 36-band EQ, which enables in-depth customization for even the most discerning ears.
    • Great sound quality is provided by the built-in max. 4*45W & RMS. 4*24W amp.
    • With the ATOTO AC-HD02LR camera (needed), LRV gives you a clear view of your back while moving forward, free from any obstacles within the car.
    • The A6 PF can handle input from a 720P HD rear-view camera (other car stereos can only connect to cameras with 480–600 lines of resolution).
    • Any issues you may have with the setup, use, etc.
    • of your ATOTO products can be resolved by contacting the knowledgeable customer support staff at ATOTO.
    • Get regular system upgrades when they become available.
    • Three Internet connections and dual Bluetooth
      Rear-View Live and Customer Support.

    About this item – ATOTO F7 XE Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto Double-DIN Car Stereo, 7 Inch in-Dash Navigation, Mirrorlink, Phone Charge, Bluetooth, QLED Display, SiriusXM, HD LRV Input with Backup Camera, Mic

    • Wireless and wired Android Auto, CarPlay, and wired Mirror Link Additionally, this model supports wired mirror connection (AutoLink) for Android and iOS, wired & wireless CarPlay, and Android Auto (Others may only support one of them).
    • It enables running Android Auto or CarPlay navigation while playing music in the background (others might not); Your phone’s battery life will greatly enhance while using wired CarPlay/Android Auto thanks to a built-in dedicated charging protocol.
    • Vital Elements of the F7 XE
      10-band EQ with 7 presets catered to your essential demands.
    • Built-in max 4*49W amplifier with RMS 4*29W.
    • HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP/PBAP are supported by Bluetooth 4.2 for hands-free calling and audio streaming.
    • Online GPS Navigation: a hardware solution that integrates CarPlay/Android Auto so that, if Maps are available on your phone, you can use iOS Maps or Google Maps/Waze on the HD screen of the F7;
      HD 720P front camera and rear camera inputs are available (other car stereo brands can only connect to cameras of 480-600 lines).
    • You may access the rearview even when driving forward thanks to the live rear view (LRV) function of the ATOTO AC-HD02LR camera (included).
    • SXM-capable (optional tuner required), AM/FM tuner, and video outputs for headrest monitors; Maintain the functionality of your OEM steering wheel controller; if not, we highly recommend the ATOTO AC-44F5 steering wheel remote.
    • HD display, two USB ports, and one SD slot are all included.
    • The genuine HD 7-inch 1024 * 600P QLED touch screen can provide you with a great screen-viewing experience even in highly illuminated situations thanks to its high sensitivity and 178° full-viewing angle.
    • HD definition navigation may be seen on the screen. Two USB ports—one for Phone Link (CarPlay, Android Auto, and Mirror Link), the other for external media playback (reads up to a 2TB SSD), and one SD slot—are available on the device (read up to 512 GB SD card).
    • The UDH07D (Universal Double-DIN Headunit with 7-inch Display) mounting method is used by the F7G2A7XE. The front panel measures 172 mm by 97 mm and is compatible with the majority of installation dash kit brands (Metra/Scosche/PAC dash kit) and dash kits with double-DIN openings.
    • This allows for a seamless dashboard appearance.
    • Additionally, ATOTO continuously releases firmware updates to enhance the system and include new functions.
    • The ATOTO online support system provides notifications about firmware updates (AOCSS).
    Atoto A6 vs F7 - Best Double-Din Car Stereo... (2024)
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