Best iPhone Deals in Canada for 2024 (2024)


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The Apple iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the market, with several different models available to Canadians. We've been writing about the iPhone since its creation and know how to spot a great deal on the legendary device, including ways to score a cheap iPhone or bring your unlocked iPhone to a reliable carrier.

Right now, we love deals on the iPhone 15 for $20/month through Freedom Mobile. We also like theiPhone 14 through Rogers, which you can grab for $30/month. There's also theiPhone 13, available for $29.38/monththroughFreedom Mobile,and a cheapiPhone SE (2022) through Koodo.

Keep reading to find the best iPhone deals in Canada.

How we picked the best iPhone deals

  • Price & value
    We ensured you’re getting the most bang for your buck without sacrificing the essentials to keep you connected.
  • High-speed data
    We looked at whether the amount of guaranteed “premium” data was reasonable for the plan price, and flagged if you’re being overcharged for data you likely don’t need.
  • Coverage & network reliability
    We evaluated each carrier’s nationwide 4G LTE and 5G coverage to predict your service quality (no dropped calls allowed!).
  • Plan extras and perks
    If you get free Netflix or a hefty hotspot, we factored those in relative to the cost of the plan.

You can read more about our detailed methodology below.

Best iPhone deals in Canada right now

Carrier Model Data Shop this plan
iPhone 14 200GB VIEW DEAL
iPhone SE (2022) 50GB VIEW AT KOODO

Best iPhone
15 Deal

After months of rumours, Apple's newest handset has finally arrived. We've found the best deal to help you score the best iPhone.

Best iPhone Deals in Canada for 2024 (5)

5 out of 5 overall

Freedom Mobile | 5G Unlimited 100GB CA-US | $30/month

  • Pros: Newest iPhone for a low monthly price, excellent camera system
  • Cons: $45 upfront cost

The iPhone 15 has plenty to admire, including a fast processor in the A16 Bionic chip, an all-day battery, an advanced camera system, and plenty of other new features, including improved FaceTime and customizable Contact Posters. It's an ideal device for a budding photographer or someone who loves gaming on the go.

This Freedom Mobile deal is the best option for grabbing the new iPhone 15. The phone runs you $30/month, but the accompanying plan ($50/month) is a steal, too, offering 100GB of full-speed 5G data on the expanding Freedom network.

View deal

Best iPhone
14 Deal

Apple's brand-new iPhone 14 features a small jump in performance, a better display, new safety features like emergency contact via satellite, and camera improvements to help you take excellent photos.

Best iPhone Deals in Canada for 2024 (6)

4.5 out of 5 overall

Rogers | Infinite Essential | $30/month

  • Pros: Excellent 5G coverage, long-lasting battery
  • Cons: High monthly payment

Although it's no longer the new phone on the block, the iPhone 14 is still a strong smartphone. We were impressed by the iPhone 14 in our review and with good reason: the latest iPhone builds on the strengths of the iPhone 13 and includes an improved camera and an even better battery.

Rogers is offering the phone for $30/month through their Infinite Essential Plan.The plan offers 200GB of full-speed 5G data alongside the phone for a total of $110/month.

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Best iPhone 13

If you're looking for the power of the iPhone 14 at a cheaper price, you can't go wrong with Apple's previous iPhone, the iPhone 13. New model releases are always the best time to find cheap phone deals and that's certainly the case for the iPhone 13.

Best iPhone Deals in Canada for 2024 (7)

4.5 out of 5 overall

Freedom Mobile | 5G Unlimited 100GB CA-US | $29.38/month

  • Pros: Solid in-network data chunk, low monthly payment
  • Cons: $45 upfront cost, limited coverage outside of network

Although it's not the newest iPhone, the iPhone 13 is still incredibly powerful. With so many people focused on snagging the iPhone 15, there's never been a better time to buy the iPhone 13...especially when it's only $11/month.

The best iPhone 13 deal we've seenis from Freedom Mobile, who's offering the smartphone for $45 upfront and $29.38/month when you enroll in MyTab and Trade Up. In addition to the powerful phone, you also get 100GB of data on the 5G Freedom Network. The total cost of the plan is $79.38/month, which is a solid deal for such a great phone and carrier combo.


Best Free
iPhone Deal

It's rare to find a free iPhone. They only appear every so often. Right now, there aren't any carriers offering them, so we found the cheapest iPhone available instead.

Best iPhone Deals in Canada for 2024 (8)

4.5 out of 5 overall

Koodo | iPhone SE (2022) | $365 upfront + $10/month

  • Pros: Cheap iPhone, nationwide network
  • Cons: No 5G

The 2022 SE is considered a mid-range iPhone, one that has less storage and functionality compared with its flagship cousins like the iPhone 14 and 15. But the SE is still a strong device, despite its tiny size. It's got a 4.7" display, front and rear cameras, and an A15 Bionic chip processor.

If you're looking for a practical device with Apple's famously sleek design, then the iPhone SE is perfect. Plus, we actually like its size: unlike some of the other iPhones, it doesn't take up too much space in your pocket!

View deal

Unlocked iPhone Deals

Here's a secret most carriers won't advertise: the best way to save money is to snag an unlocked iPhone and bring it to BYOD plan. All iPhones sold in Canada since 2017 are unlocked, but if you've grabbed an older model then unlocking it is a rather easy process.

You can also purchase unlocked iPhones from Apple or from third-party retailers like Amazon, which has plenty of older models like the iPhone 13, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and more.

As for BYOD plans, we recommend Public Mobile's Unlimited Canada-US Talk + Text plan, which offers coverage on Telus' vast 5G network along with unlimited talk and text. The monthly data allotment is more than enough data for your unlocked iPhone, allowing it to stream, game, and navigate up to its full potential.

Public Mobile

Best iPhone Deals in Canada for 2024 (9)

Public Mobile

Best iPhone Deals in Canada for 2024 (10)

$34 Unlimited Canada-US Talk + Text + 50GB
  • 50GB at 5G full speeds up to 250Mbps
  • Deal: Get $1.70/mo. in points value with Public Points + Receive a FREE eSIM or a physical SIM with new activation only


+ $10 Upfront



+ $10 Upfront


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  • High-speed data: Also called “premium” data, this is how much data you get at full 4G/5G speeds before they can or will slow down. The more guaranteed high-speed data the plan includes, the better experience you’ll generally have—but there’s also usually a limit to how much you actually need, and we ensure that you’re not overpaying for data that will go unused.
  • Coverage & network reliability: The breadth of each carrier’s 4G LTE and 5G networks determines your reception and service. Particularly in the case of 5G, some carriers offer far more robust coverage than others, which affects how their phone plans perform in different parts of the country.
  • Plan extras and perks: In addition to the basics—talk, text, and data—some plans throw in freebies like hotspot allowances, cloud storage, entertainment subscriptions, or service discounts.

Our mobile experts leveraged proprietary data and real-world customer feedback to determine the best iPhone deals in Canada. We considered plan-specific elements, including perks, premium data allowances, and mobile hotspot allocations. After performing hands-on testing and extensive research, including customer feedback, we picked the deals we feel meet the needs of most people.

Visit our guide to choosing a phone plan to evaluate a cell phone carrier or plan and find the one that best meets your specific needs.

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Best iPhone Deals in Canada for 2024 (2024)
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