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Groaning metal woke Katsuki before the sun did for the third day straight.

“f*cking old house.” His voice was rough, his mouth was stale. “Disgusting.” Swallowing he pushed his covers aside, rising towards the windows, staring out at the mountainside.

It was a nice view, if foreign. Better than his old city skyline. Sliding into slippers and pulling a shirt over his bare torso he wandered into the bathroom, brushing his teeth, taking a piss, washing his face. Ignoring the box, feeling guilty for ignoring the box.

Katsuki moved to the kitchen, pulling a carton of rice out of the fridge and adding whatever gelatinous mess of crap he grabbed first to it. Eating it cold as he stood at the window, watching the world outside.

That was all he really did anyway. Exist. Exist out of time. Observe people around him live. The curtains never closed, the windows never opened. Like an animal at the zoo. He watched and was watched, but never was truly a part of.

“sh*t.” His skin started itching; he ran a tongue over his teeth.

They ached. He hadn’t left the ground in six days. His feet were carrying him back to the bedroom. He pulled on a pair of black jeans. Katsuki scolded himself as he smeared on deodorant.

“I haven’t even checked out the house. The f*cking pipes were making noises. That’s not normal. Does the roof leak? How about the shed. Need to grab your f*cking bike.” He leaned back on the bed.

He could feel the box calling to him. He could feel Jin’s hand brushing his for the first time, those blue eyes-

His own snapped open again. When had they closed?


He sped from his bedroom through the pink washed living room. The sun was rising. f*ck the bike. Nothing in town would be open now anyway. He could use the walk. Needed to burn off energy.

‘Way to justify it.’ He could hear Round Face scold him.

He glanced at the dark tablet sitting on his counter. “Yeah well f*ck you.” He pulled on his shoes, grabbed his keys and pulled the door shut behind him.

It was brisk, the wind was sweet and soft. Way better than the city air had been.

‘Later isn’t in two weeks again?’ He could hear his mother ask.

Guilt rose as he stepped on fallen petals and gravel down the driveway. It was longer than he remembered now that he was walking. Trees towered over him, wilderness on either side. It was beautiful and fantastical. Green and fresh, dew making it smell heady and… and water? He could hear running water somewhere. He’d check it out later. Right now he had to get off the ground. He had to lose gravity. He had to touch the sky and leave a trail everyone could see. He had to become something more than what he was. He had to outrace the itch in his skin and feel the rumble of the engines through his blood.

He had to outrun his ghosts. The walk to town was busier than he intended, stopped by a produce truck and a newspaper delivery biker asking if he needed a lift.

Or coffee.

Or a coat.

Or food.

After assuring them he was more than fine Katsuki was stopped twenty feet from the town sign. Pulling out his phone he scrolled through his GPS frantically, but to no avail.

"I have no idea where the airstrip is." He scoffed at himself, striding down the main street.

It was quaint, quiet. The storefronts were all well tended, the street clean. Only the cafe was open. And mostly empty. Katsuki ducked inside, breathing deep as the smell of fresh ground coffee pervaded his senses.

"Good morning!" A voice called out, too cheery by half. "Have a seat and I'll be right with you."

Katsuki obliged, picking a spot near the front of the store. Pulling out his phone he flipped the camera, angling it towards the counter, getting most of his face.

'Something new.' He sent to his mom, to Round Face. They'd appreciate the change in pace. They would understand what a big deal this was.

How long has it been since-

"Ah, you're the new guy?"

Katsuki slapped his phone down, snapping his gaze up to startling golden eyes and deep yellow hair that had to be dyed. The barista chuckled, taking a step back, clicking his pen on his notepad nervously.

"Sorry, man." He blinked behind blue tinted sunglasses. "I should have announced myself."

"Denki." Katsuki kept his expression flat, watching his servers face shift to one of disbelief and awe.

"Dude!" His hands slapped down on the table. "How did you know? Did Mina tell you? Are you psychic?"

Katsuki leaned forward, eyes narrowed. Denki watched every movement, enraptured, until Katsuki flicked his name tag - pinned proudly to the white button up shirt. Denki blushed furiously, picking his notepad up, hiding behind it best he could.

"Right. Right." He cleared his throat. "What can I get you?"

"I…" Katsuki glanced to the menu, ignoring the buzz of his phone. "Oh sh*t. Why the f*ck are there so many different kinds?" The panic began to swell.

"I can help make it easy, what do you like normally?"


Denki paused, "Eh?"

"The f*ck you gunna ask if you're just gunna look at me like you're stupid for? Spicey." Katsuki growled.

"I'm thinking, bro. Chill." The pen tapped against a glossed lip. "We do have a Mexican Style hot chocolate. I could maybe do a mocha?" His grin widened as he started to get excited. "It has chili spice in it so there's some kick, and a mocha has coffee so you'll get the bitterness. It won't be too sweet. I could add extra?"

"No." Katsuki raised a brow. "Let's just do what you said."

"Awesome." Denki was nearly bouncing. "Anything to eat?"

"Not this time."

"Cool, cool, cool, cool." He nodded, short ponytail flopping at his neck, lightning shaped barrette catching the cresting sun rays. "I'll be right back with your drink."

Katsuki unlocked his phone, opening the text from his mom.

So proud of you. What a cute coffee shop .

He narrowed his eyes at the message. It was too brief, too lighthearted. No twenty questions, no emojis, no exclamations or videos of pride.

No curse words.

Everything okay? His fingers hovered over send, then quickly hit delete.

Yeah . He replied instead before muting his phone, glancing at the time. It was still too early but people were up and starting to get ready.

He watched as the grocer across the way pulled out a stand, vanished into his shop. A little while later he and a young woman pulled out a dolly of fruit and began loading their display.

"The old man who was watching me." Katsui mumbled into his hand as a machine behind the counter whirred to life.

"And your drink, monsieur!" Denki set the cup, piled high with whipped cream, before Katsuki.

"Lay off the french." He snipped, pulling the cup over. "I've got some half-French relatives. Real annoying."

"Oh man-" Denki looked around before pulling out the seat across from Katsuki and sitting, propping his chin on his palms.

"Excuse the f*ck outta me?" Red eyes narrowed and his face squished in disbelief. "The hell do you think-?"

"Will they visit you? Do you think they'd teach me? Do they live in France?" Stars were in Denki's eyes.

Katsuki sighed heavy, taking a tentative sip. "No. And no." The blond frowned, pouting. "Why do you wear sunglasses indoors anyway?"

"Ah…" black painted fingers brushed metal frames. "I have glaucoma." He shrugged. "The blue helps with light sensitivity and reflection so…"

"Well." Katsuki took a deep swallow. "Well f*ck."

"Yeah." Denki stood, mouth curling to the side in a slow, sly smirk. "Bet you feel like an asshole now. Better tip me well, f*cker. It goes towards my surgery."

"Alright, stop being pathetic. We all have our sh*t." Katsuki took another drink, inhaling the fusion of spice and coffee and chocolate. "By the way, where's the airstrip at?"

"Mina's place?" Denki placed the bill facedown. "Leave it to her to forget to give you actual directions." Fingers slipped into apron pockets. "I can take you after work if you don't mind burning a few hours. She won't unlock it until noon anyway." He checked the clock over the door. "Yeesh you have time to kill. You could explore the town? I can meet you back here?" He pulled his pen out, scribbled some numbers down. "My cell. Lemme know when you're ready and I'll find you. I know the town a bit better. I'll be quicker."

Katsuki rolled his eyes, flicking a middle finger to a retreating Denki who snapped a wry grin and returned the gesture. Still Katsuki took his time with the coffee. It allowed him too much one on one with the voices in his head, with the memories, but it gave him something new. Something he had been missing before that he couldn't place.

Something he might want to repeat before he moved again. Something he might try to repeat at the next town. He blinked, hand paused midair, shaking his head.

Already thinking of moving . Katsuki frowned, setting his cup down. Maybe Mom was right when she said I was running away.

He finished the cup in a too large gulp, slapping the bill and some down. Tapping the number Denki left in his phone before leaving to wander the shops, waste the day in leisure.

And the itch grew.


"Hey, Katsuki!" Denki ground his skateboard to a halt, hair wet and sticking to his face.

"What the hell happened? You look more like a drowned rat than last ti-" Katsuki's eyes widened. "Is that a black-"

Fingers tangled in the new lightning bolt design in the long bangs. "Cool right?"

"f*ck 'drowned rat'. You're a bargain bin Pikachu now." He stood from the bench, tossing the sandwich half.

Denki caught it effortlessly. "You're just jealous." He grinned, unwrapping his lunch and popping his board up. "C'mon, I'll take you there."


"It's 'thanks'." Denki managed around a mouthful. "So where'd you get all this stuff?"

Katsuki flinched before peering back at his bag full of stuff. "People just gave me… things. Food, trinkets, coupons. Are they always like this?"

The blond shrugged. "We don't get new people here. They're just excited."

"Yeah." Katsuki's eyes narrowed at the halting answer. "Another f*ckin' liar, huh?"

"Say what?" Denki swallowed hard, choked.

"Mina said the same bullsh*t." Katsuki shifted the bag on his shoulders. "I'm not planning on staying long anyway."

"No?" His head tilted, a side glance though Katsuki wasn't looking.

"I said I wasn't."

The words were growled, hands tightened on straps, jaw tensed. Denki nodded, wadding the sandwich wrapper and stuffing it in his back pocket.

"So this big field we're crossing is where the carnival sets up." He motioned vaguely, braided bracelets falling, "Over there is, obviously, where the ferris wheel usually is." Gazes moved to the lone ride standing eerily still and silent in the field. "We always dare each other to-"

Katsuki bristled at the cut off. "To?" He prodded after a while.

"You know what, I think you'll just have to find out." Denki grinned and laughed. "One time I got my shirt stuck. The whole ride had to get shut down for fifteen minutes. Oh man Mom whooped my ass so hard."

"So you grew up here?"

"Well yeah." He ran a hand through his wind dried hair. "I wanted to leave for college right after high school but Dad got sick and my sister was always smarter anyway. I can always go back for online classes later. Plus with my health issues…" His smile faltered briefly. "Right over here, you can just see the top of the fence, that's Mina's." He swung around, walking backwards.

Katsuki had to dodge his skateboard propped on his shoulders.

"Over there is the All-in-One Shop." He waved vaguely beyond the horizon. "They sell everything. Food, bait, parts, hardware. That's right next to the fishing lake. Fishing license is available starting in May so just a few weeks." Denki turned again, forcing Katsuki to sidestep his board a second time.

Annoyed he shoved the smaller man. "Watch your f*cking bubble asshat."

"f*ck bro. You're not very charismatic." Denki stumbled and grimaced.

"I'm not here to make friends."

Denki's step paused for half a beat. "I mean, you realize it's too late for that right?"

"f*ck you. You aren't my friend."

"Mina?" He jogged to catch up. "She's hot."

"No." Katsuki felt himself flush.

"Ohhh." Denki paused for a breath, grinned conspiratorially. "Not into women."

"f*ck." Katsuki breathed sharp. "I'm into particular people."

"Ahh. A partner connoisseur." The smaller man straightened, stroking a non-existent beard.

Katsuki's fingers raced over his forearm as they crossed the asphalt to the chain link fence. The gate was wide open. Dull, uneven nails picked at ingrown hairs to ease the burning itch of nerves. Two dogs barked, tails wagging, tongues lolling as they ran up and circled, demanding pets. Katsuki eyed them before dropping to his knees, hands outstretched.

"MINA," Denki's hands cupped his mouth as he hollered. "COME GET YOUR DOGS!"

A laugh that made Katsuki cringe away from wet tongues and dusty fur peeled out from the distance. A figure emerged behind the hangars, making its way towards them rapidly.

"THEY DON'T BITE!" Arms waved.

"f*cking idiots." Katsuki whispered into the squished face of the tan and black mutt. "Oi, I wanna fly." Louder.

Mina rounded the corner, dogs abandoning Katsuki for their owner. Her hands lowered, haphazardly touching nose tips, ears, heads, muzzles. She shook her head, pink hair far more vibrant than yesterday, contacts back in.

"Sorry. We’re actually a non-towered strip." She shrugged, patting the radio on her belt. "General Aviation Airport."


"Your plane is in Hangar 3." She cut him off. "I did get an offer for you from Yagi-"

"Dude…" Denki stopped trying to ollie. "The Yagi? What the f*ck?"

Red eyes narrowed. ‘The’ Yagi? Who the f*ck is Yagi? "What's the offer?"

"An antique plane he recently got for the museum. It needs to be restored." She pulled a mass of envelopes out from one of her pockets, shuffled through it, handed him a letter over the brown dogs head. "Aki, leave it. Here's the letter. It was in the box this morning."

Katsuki grabbed the envelope, glaring at the false yellow eyes when he found it already open. Mina shrugged, offering no apology or explanation.

He scanned the letter, whistling. "A Mitsubishi A7M." He could feel the blank stares. "A fighter bomber from World War Two. Only ten were ever made. Why would he ask me? There are so many other far more qualified-"

"He's a local." Mina interrupted. "He's probably… uh…"

Katsuki's excitement faded. The letter wrinkled in his grasp. "Yeah. I get it. The f*cking secret you guys can shove up your ass. You and this whole f*cking town." He looked at the wad of paper in his hand. "Tell him to shove his plane up his ass and spin."

"I-I can't-"

"Yeah." Katsuki fumed, his nerves boiling over, "you can't do f*cking much can you, Racoon Eyes? You're the niece to the family who owns the damn mountain but you can't do sh*t. Can't let me fly a plane, can't tell your aunt no, can't tell a f*cking customer I won't fix his priceless antique I probably can't even get parts for in this sad excuse of a sh*thole town-"

"H-hey now-" Denki stepped forward to halt Katsuki’s march on Mina’s personal space.

To the airstrip owners credit she didn’t shirk as most would have. Instead she squared her shoulders and glared up into the fiery eyes, taking all he had to give, holding her tongue till it was over. Until it was her turn to dish it back. Katsuki hated that he admired that.

"Don't get me started on you, Discount Pikachu." Katsuki warned, finger pointed aggressively. "You're all just a bunch of tired extras in a story written by a mean bitch with PMS who has taken personal offense to my existence."

"God you really are a ray of sunshine today." Mina leaned on her heels, catching Denki's eye.

"I'd say he's more explosive." Hands motioned, mouth smirked under blue shades. "Like a grenade." The blond squinted at Katsuki, "so what crawled up your ass? What's your trauma?"

"M-my-?" Fists clenched, jaw muscles worked. The itch built into a burning weight in his gut that raced into his veins. "I have no trauma. I'm one of the best in my mother f*cking field. If I want to fly my goddamn plane I should have that right!" He barked.

"Uh huh." They exchanged another look.

"Well," Mina continued, picking something out from under her now pink nails, "you're free to explore the grounds, check out your plane. And I mean, technically you can absolutely fly today if you wanted. I’m not stopping you. There’s just no radio tower to guide you. You’ll be fine, a pro like you." She pat Aki's head. "Besides, the dogs would love to accompany you I'm sure."

"The f*ck ever." He growled, swiping up the note he had tossed as he stormed to the hangars. Something told Katsuki he was going to need the distraction.

Fuselage - Chapter 3 - Madam_Muffins - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)
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