Low-A Breakout Fantasy Baseball Hitting Prospects To Stash (2024)

The Low-A season is 10 games in so early results are in small sample sizes but this is a solid time to grab the ones coming out of the gates hot. This is especially true with deep dynasty formats like some of the 30-team dynasty leagues out there. Going into the season with 3-4 spots available could pay dividends when the trade deadline comes around. Names like Albimelec Ortiz and Samuel Basallo went from dynasty unknowns to top 100 prospects all from their early season performance in Low-A early. Now this isn’t to say everyone will click that’s just not reasonable but you lose nothing dropping one of these guys if they fall back. Let’s dive into some Low-A batting prospects to stash early on this season.

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Prospects To Stash In Low-A

Cristofer Torin, 2B/SS ARI

(10 GP, .424/.568/.606, 1 HR, 8 R, 13 RBI, 1 SB)

Off to a hot start this spring is a prospect we dove into over the off-season Cristofer Torin. Standing at 5’1” and just 18 has displayed excellent bat-to-ball skills early on this year. Back in 2023, Torin played in the Complex League before heading off to Low-A Visalia. In 65 combined games played Torin went on to slash .272/.369/.354 with four home runs, 47 runs scored, 24 RBIs, and 21 stolen bases. Across 282 plate appearances in ‘23, Torin had walked 12.8% while striking out just 13.1%.

Rawhide take the lead on a Cristofer Torin triple! pic.twitter.com/RktFobQOlY

— Visalia Rawhide (@VisaliaRawhide) April 11, 2024

Repeating the level at Low-A Visalia Torin has started off strong. In 10 games played, he is slashing .424/.568/.606 with one home run, eight runs scored, 13 RBIs, and one stolen base. When it comes to his plate discipline Torin picked up where he left off walking 22.7% while striking out just 13.6% of his 44 plate appearances. When it comes to long-term projectability with Torin you are expecting a high average and OBP thanks to the walks and low strikeout rates paired with 20-25 stolen bases. With a profile like this, you could see him positioned as a top-of-the-order leadoff man who will contribute in runs but not as much with RBIs. Power wise Torin might get you 5-8 unless he retools the swing to get more loft than it currently does. Overall solid pick-up early on as he is only 5% owned.

Anthony Scull, OF LAA

(8 GP, .355/.412/.484, 1 HR, 5 R, 1 RBI)

Out in the California League, you have some big names playing right now like Lazaro Montes and Colt Emerson. With those big names come big price tags to acquire so let’s pivot to Anthony Scull. The 20-year-old Scull stands 6’0” and 165 pounds batting from the left side. In his second stint in the Complex League in 2023 Scull played in 48 games while slashing .300/.377/.453 with three home runs, 31 runs scored, 30 RBIs, and stole 10 bases in 11 attempts. At the plate, Scull showed discipline walking 6.3% while only striking out 21.4% in his 192 plate appearances.

I’m a big fan of what what I have seen from #RepTheHalo outfield prospect Anthony Scull, good frame, good mover, i think he’ll hit for some pop as well pic.twitter.com/8hPH99q7mk

— Rhys White (@RhysBWhite) April 6, 2024

The promotion to Low-A Inland Empire was well deserved and the early results gave the Angels the same thought. In just eight games played Scull is slashing .355/.412/.484 with one home run, five runs scored, and one RBI. The 35 total plate appearances are a small sample size to look into but the early results are indicating the changes Scull made in his second stint in the Complex League in 2023 are sticking. Hopefully, we will see more power output from Scull he has the frame to get to 15 plus home runs early on if he can elevate. We saw some of the raw power come out last season as 15 of Scull’s 51 hits were for extra bases. Anthony Scull is currently 0% owned on Fantrax so he is a solid waiver pick-up early on.

Victor Arias, OF TOR

(7 GP, .391/.548/.696, 1 HR, 9 R, 5 RBI, 6 SB)

It’s been a blistering start for Victor Arias to start the 2024 season in Low-A Dunedin. In seven games played Arias is slashing .391/.548/.696 with one home runs, nine runs scored, five RBIs, and six stolen bases in seven attempts. Across his 31 plate appearances, Arias has been patient at the plate walking and striking out just 19.4%. The burst of speed this early is a major plus for Arias as he stole just 16 bases in 47 games played in 2023. Looking back at his numbers last season Arias displayed signs of power and speed with a solid approach at the plate but the average didn’t follow the plan.

Victor Arias… to the MOON 🚀

Arias' first homer of the season gives the Jays a 3-0 lead. pic.twitter.com/gGC6aBrv6p

— Dunedin Blue Jays (@DunedinBlueJays) April 12, 2024

In 41 games played in the Complex League Arias slashed just .222/.395/.393 with four home runs, 19 runs scored, 19 RBIs, and stole 15 bases. Of the 26 total hits Arias had 11 were for extra bases. The BABIP was low at .293 so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Arias get off to a strong start. The high OBP paired with power and speed makes Arias very interesting to stash early on and at 0% owned on Fantrax go out and pick him up now.

Jesus Baez, SS NYM

(11 GP, .271/.327/.479, 1 HR, 7 R, 10 RBI, 3 SB)

The Mets have been gaining praise for the leaps they have made in pitching development thanks to the new Pitching Lab. This has allowed prospects like Nick Morabito and Jesus Baez to slide under the radar early on. When it comes to Jesus Baez you are getting a shortstop who has the potential for above-average power with solid bat-to-ball skills and has shown early on in his career that he can take a walk. Last season Baez played the entire season in the Complex League where the bat struggled slashing .210/.306/.333 with two home runs, 18 runs scored, 17 RBIs, and five stolen bases in 40 games played. Regardless of the average Baez walked 11.9% while striking out just 17.5% in 160 plate appearances. The low .245 BABIP indicates we haven’t seen the best of Jesus Baez yet.

Mets infield prospect Jesus Baez had a big game for St. Lucie:

2-for-5, BB, HR, 3 RBI, 3 R

He had 4 batted balls over 100 mph.


— Mike Mayer (@mikemayer22) April 14, 2024

So far this season we might be getting a taste of what’s to come. In 11 games played Baez is slashing .271/.327/.479 with one home run, seven runs scored, 10 RBIs, and three stolen bases. Although the walk percentage is lower than his career average Baez is still solid walking and striking out just 7.7% of his 52 plate appearances. Obviously, Lindor being in Queens for the next decade blocks a clear path for Baez but by buying into the talent these things tend to work themselves out. Baez is only 2% owned on Fantrax right now.

Yhoswar Garcia, OF MIL

(8 GP, .370/.438/.370, 5 R, 6 RBI, 9 SB)

Sometimes a change of scenery can do players wonders and it seems to be off to a good start with Yhoswar Garcia and the Brewers. Originally signed by the Phillies Garcia has had middling results to this point in his young career. In 35 games played in the Complex League Garcia slashed .235/.300/.324 with one home run, 27 runs scored, 22 RBIs, and 11 stolen bases. Across 151 plate appearances, Garcia walked 6% while striking out 17.2% and finishing with a low .282 BABIP. Now in the Brewers organization, Garcia is playing for the Low-A Carolina Mudcats in the Carolina League. In eight games played Garcia is slashing .370/.438/.370 with five runs scored, six RBIs, and nine stolen bases in 11 attempts.

When it comes to his plate approach so far everything lines up with his time in the Phillies organization as he is walking 12.5% and striking out just 21.9% of the time. Now the .476 BABIP absolutely screams regression but even a high .290’s batter is right where Yhoswar Garcia needs to be to move up. When he was originally signed by the Phillies Garcia was projectable for plus power and speed but to this point, we haven’t seen much of the power. Now at 22 years old Garcia will likely get the bump out of Low-A soon to see how he fairs against advanced pitching so stashing him now isn’t a bad idea. On Fantrax Yhoswar Garcia is just 1% owned so definitely a solid stash candidate.

Austin Charles, 3B/SS KCR

(10 GP, .297/.372/.432, 1 HR, 7 R, 12 RBI, 7 SB)

This is now the second season in a row that the Austin Charles watch is in full effect so those who were disappointed with the results and hung on are being rewarded. Standing at 6’5” and 215 pounds Charles is a big kid at just 20 years old and is known for the above average to plus speed and his huge raw power. In a 69-game sample size in 2023, Charles slashed .230/.290/.356 with three home runs, 29 runs scored, 31 RBIs, and stole 12 bases. Across his 296 plate appearances, Charles walked 7.4% while striking out 24.7% of the time.

In the words of Chad Knaus "Drive it like you stole it homie"

Austin Charles does just that with a deep drive to left field, his first home run of the season being a 3-run blast to put the good guys on top!

Fireflies maintain the lead after lap 1 pic.twitter.com/A6WOkNPcis

— Columbia Fireflies (@ColaFireflies) April 11, 2024

Fast forward to this season where he is repeating Low-A Columbia. In 10 games played with the Fireflies Charles is slashing .297/.372/.432 with one home run, seven runs scored, 12 RBIs, and has seven stolen bases in eight attempts. It seems Charles is pressing early as the strikeout rate has jumped to 34.9% while the walk percentage increased to 11.6%. The .455 BABIP indicates regression will come but it’s encouraging to see this young prospect find success early on. Currently on Fantrax Austin Charles is just 5% owned making him readily available to stash is most dynasty leagues.

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Low-A Breakout Fantasy Baseball Hitting Prospects To Stash (2024)
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