DraftNerds – 2024 Kansas City Chiefs Mock Draft - Dynasty Nerds (2024)

Dynasty fantasy football is a year-round affair. A sharp manager will be thinking about all aspects of the dynasty season. Those managers keen enough to look ahead will be the ones who can grab themselves an edge over the competition. Industry professionals and content creators will spend most of the dynasty off-season discussing incoming rookies and the related topic, the NFL draft.

We easily fall in love with the next workhorse running back or prototypical alpha wide receiver. But a manager in tune with the entire draft class will find themselves ahead of the game. Whether it is the next road-paving interior offensive lineman or genetic freak edge rusher, we can find ourselves at quite the advantage come April by building an entire picture of how the 2023 class will play out. Those who prepare ahead will not be often surprised at the outcomes.

Credit for the mock draft simulation goes to thePro Football Network. Team needs are also generated from this site. Compensatory picks have not been assigned or included in this exercise.

2023 Recap

Three of the last five Super Bowl trophies are in Kansas City, and the Chiefs are sure to be in contention for as long as Patrick Mahomes is around. His weapons have changed throughout the years, sometimes letting him down, but he has brought them back. As Travis Kelce ages, it’s time to try to find new surefire weapons for Mahomes.

Mahomes had another solid year with over 4,000 yards in the air and nearly 400 on the ground. Isiah Pacheco nearly eclipsed 1,000 yards on the ground while adding 44 catches for a combined nine scores. Kelce was his usual brilliant self with 93 catches for 984 yards and five scores. Those three have been the rocks in the Chiefs offense.

The receivers, on the other hand, have been anything but consistent. Second-rounder Rashee Rice was on the way to changing that with a rookie season that had him nearly surpass 1,000 yards. An off-the-field situation leaves his future a bit turbulent, and the Chiefs eyeing another weapon. The team will be looking for more consistent weapons to stress defenses and make things easier on Mahomes.

Mock Draft

1.32 Jordan Morgan, T Arizona

Mahomes is special when the play breaks down, but he still had 14 interceptions last year. Left tackle Donovan Smith hasn’t returned after tallying 749 snaps. Wanya Morris and his 339 snaps sit atop the depth chart, but you would think they want someone with better upside. Enter Jordan Morgan.

Morgan started ten or more games in each of the last three seasons and has at least one start at left tackle in five straight years at Arizona. He is a very solid athlete with tons of experience. Although he has played only left tackle and has left tackle size and feet, if he struggles outside, he could project inside to guard as Thuney ages. In what many consider a deep WR draft, the Chiefs can afford to wait at that position and try to solidify the line and protect their most important asset.

2.64 Keon Coleman, WR Florida St

This will be the third year in a row the Chiefs draft a wideout in the second round. The first two, Rice and Sky Moore, have a much different profile. Coleman compliments them perfectly as an outside receiver, with a 6’4” frame that can win in traffic.

Keon Coleman is an intriguing prospect that will immediately elevate a WR room at the next level.

Check out his game against LSU below here he had 122 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns⤵️ https://t.co/Jt7I1c0JF7 pic.twitter.com/IycvSnlHTQ

— Nick Penticoff (@NickPenticoff) December 27, 2023

For Coleman and his 4.61 40, separation is an issue, but the Chiefs do a great job of getting people open. Kelce has a knack for finding spots in zone coverage, similar to a basketball player, which stems from his experience and basketball background. Coleman, who played basketball at Michigan State, can be the same type of player at a different position. Additionally, with Mahomes extending plays, you can see him throwing jump balls to Coleman as a last resort.

3.95 Michael Hall, DT Ohio State

Kansas City returned Chris Jones on a long-term deal but don’t have another pass rush threat on the interior. Tershawn Wharton, Mike Pennell, and Derrick Nnadi are also all free agents at the end of the year.

#51 Michael Hall Jr. with a hesitation into violent club/arm over for a sack. Explosive young man. #Browns pic.twitter.com/QXvG0Tz7P0

— Lance Reisland (Coach Riz) (@LanceReisland) April 5, 2024

Hall is a streaky but quality pass rusher, with seven sacks over the last two years and 22 hurries in 2023. I am a fan of defensive tackles with a ton of tackles in college, and Hall is not that, with 24 being the high mark of his career. Still, he might slide in perfectly next to and behind Jones to give opposing offenses another threat to get to the quarterback.

4.131 Cooper Beebe, G, Kansas St

In 2021, the Chiefs had an incredible draft, bringing in starters at both center and guard. Creed Humphrey and Tyler Smith are free agents at the end of the season. While both could return, getting a player with the skill level and ability of Beebe as a potential replacement is a win in the fourth round.

Beebe has great size at 6’4” and 335 lbs., and has played all over the place. He started at left tackle in 2021 and left guard in 2022 and 2023 but also got 100+ snaps at right tackle in 2023. He will add nice depth for 2024 with an eye on taking over at right guard in 2025.

5.159 Emani Bailey, RB, TCU

The Chiefs have Pacheco and not much else. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is back for another season but he’s been a disappointment after being drafted in the first round. Pacheco has been solid but not spectacular. Bailey is one of my top five favorite backs in the draft and completely falling under the radar. He doesn’t even have a PFF profile. It might be because he had a terrible combine and RAS to go with it, running a 4.61 40.

This jump cut by Emani Bailey was ABSOLUTELY FILTHY 😱🤯 pic.twitter.com/lQ0HGezZD4

— Texas Football Life (@txfblife) September 2, 2023

On the field, I love Bailey’s play, and in some ways, he reminds me of Pacheco, who finds holes to get positive yards but doesn’t have a ton of breakaway plays. Bailey should be a positive in the passing game after catching all 25 of his targets last year often lining up outside. He added over 1,200 yards and eight scores on the ground. This draft is a mess at running back with no real standouts. If Bailey landed in KC, he could be the best back out of this class if he becomes the primary back when Pacheco’s contract expires.

5.173 Hunter Nourzad, C, Penn State

The third offensive lineman drafted for the Chiefs, Nourzad brings similar versatility to Beebe, but he can also play center should a deal with Humphrey not come together. He has played all over, starting at tackle in 2019 and 2021 at Cornell, then moving to left guard in 2022 at Penn State, before finally settling at center in 2023. He has 41 career starts.

7.221 Mason Pline, TE, Furman

Tyler Huff finds Mason Pline for the TD on 4th down 🤯 Montana & Furman head to overtime tied at 28 #FCSPlayoffs pic.twitter.com/2Op53N74Mx

— FCS Football Central (@The__Bluebloods) December 9, 2023

Pline is another player who isn’t on the PFF radar but should be. The 6’6″ Pline started out as a basketball player for Ferris St, playing in 83 games from 2018-2020. He then jumped over to the football field for Ferris St., where he had just four catches in two seasons. Then, he transferred to Furman for his final season and had 32 catches and four scores. He is a size and athleticism prospect who could develop despite his age (24) because of how raw and athletic he is.

Fantasy Impact

Coleman, Bailey, and Pline would all be worth drafting in Dynasty leagues. Depending on Rice’s status, if Coleman landed in Kansas City, there would be an argument for him to be wide receiver four in this class after the big three. Kansas City isn’t afraid to cycle through wide receivers, but getting a consistent weapon would be ideal. He is probably falling in the first round of your rookie drafts, but with this landing spot, he could go top 7-8.

Bailey is interesting because while I am very high on him, you will have to watch both his landing spot and his ADP. He could go as high as the end of the second round, but more likely, you can grab him in the third round. I will be targeting him in every league.

Pline is probably a last-round pick only in leagues with deep benches. The Chiefs will be content with Kelce and Noah Gray this year. If you have a taxi squad or a deep bench, Pline would be the perfect person to stash for 2025.

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DraftNerds – 2024 Kansas City Chiefs Mock Draft - Dynasty Nerds (2024)
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